Let It Baa

Let It Baa

7+ | 2-4 | 30'

Game design:



Zoltán Nagy

I cut - You Choose

Fun shepherd theme

Fixed component token set

Dice rolling

Simple rules - tough decisions

Few components

3 optional modules

In this light family game players act as sheepdogs whose goal is to gather the dispersed flock into the sheep pen, but while doing so, they must also watch for other intruders.

At the beginning of the game, drop as many packs of tiles in the bag as the number of players, and shuffle them well. Then, at the start of each round, draw 12, 16 or 20 tiles – depending on the number of players – and place them in the center of the table. In the first phase, each player has the option to create a set of exactly 4 tiles selected from the central stock, or to take one of these sets if there are any available. Eventually, everyone ends up with 4 tiles.

Then the second phase begins with the starting player’s turn. In your turn, roll the die, then select and place one of your tiles in a space marked with the matching number at the edge of the board, outside the sheep pen. (If there is a fox or a wolf among your tiles, start with these.) Then you have one more option: you can push a tile to an adjacent empty space, but you must never push it off the board or out of the pen, or push multiple tiles in a move, unless the push is done by moving the Farmer. 

You always have 2 options for placing a tile on the board because there are 2 spaces marked with the number matching the value of the roll.

Your goal is to push as many sheep as possible into the pen while keeping every other creature outside, like the hen and the Farmer which have no point value, or the fox and the wolf which are downright negative. 

The game ends when there are not enough tiles left in the bag to create the required number of sets, or when a player’s sheep pen is filled with 9 tiles. A winner is announced by adding up the point values of tiles inside each player’s sheep pen.

The game has 3 optional modules, which can be integrated into the gameplay either individually or together to slightly enhance the challenge. The black sheep are placed in the pen before starting the game. But they don’t belong to your master, and if still in the pen when the game ends, they will give points for all the other players, but not for you.  Some of the spaces are blocked by trees; on the other hand, roosters can help move the worthless hens out of the way – if you can manage to line them up next to each other.

Let it Baa is a game even children can easily understand, and it could become a family favorite for its charming graphics and simple setup.

The cover and illustrations show the final graphics of the game, but the presentation video was still based on the earlier prototype (Sheepdogs). 

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