About Us

Hello, I'm Pierrot, the founder of Private Moon Studios.

Our company has a long history. It will be exactly 30 years old in 2023, and the anniversary year also brings a big change in our life. 

In the beginning, we were primarily involved in music production, released audio records. Later we developed computer adventure games (which have been successful all over the world). We have also created various educational and tourist games, interactive movies, and sometimes board games as well. 

As a game designer, I turned to the latter in 2015. To date, a dozen of my games have been released, some with remarkable success even outside the country where I live (Hungary). Check out the list of my published titles on Board Game Geek.

In 2022, however, it was decided that in the future I would not only offer the license of my games to publishers (although this remains an option – see the portfolio page at pierrot.design), but that Private Moon Studios itself would also become an independent publisher. Our primary focus is to release my own games; however, we do not rule out the possibility to present the works of other Hungarian designers here on this website over time. Our goal is to pave the way for quality projects that bring another Hungarian flavor to the international table. 

My own game palette is quite wide and varied. This mainly reflects my wide-ranging interest and curiosity. As a gamer, I enjoy a variety of games, and as a designer, I also like to immerse myself in different genres. Thus, in addition to children's and family games, I also offer options for expert players and, according to our plans, so will do Private Moon Studios too. 

In our first assortment, you will find games recommended for ages 7+, 10+ and 12+, and although they are largely different, all of them are particularly themed and, in my opinion, look pretty.

We are looking for partners. Let's create a new successful product for your customers together!

And yes, the main purpose of this website is to reach out to future partners, but also to keep our existing partners up to date on new developments.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.